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What you need to know about LVP & LVT flooring

It’s essential to find the right LVP & LVT flooring info, so you’re better able to match your specific requirements and preferences to the perfect product. For instance, knowing that one offers more durability than another can be a pivotal piece of information.

Both of these products fall into the same luxury vinyl category, with only a few small differences. However, those differences could be the very ones that will make you prefer one over the other. Having that option can mean a lot for the look, feel, and lifespan of your floors.

LVP & LVT, what the difference?

If you’ve ever wondered about luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or luxury vinyl tile (LVT), you’ve probably wondered what the difference is between the two. The most noticeable difference is that LVP most often takes on the appearance of solid wood flooring, even down to the grain patterns. LVT looks most like an all-natural stone or porcelain tile, with authentic grout lines in the latter.

Both materials offer the same layered stability that comes from a backing layer, a core, a design layer, and a top protective wear layer. These floors come in a variety of formats and thicknesses, and, of course, the thicker the material, the more durable the product will be. This is especially true of the wear layer on top.
The wear layer works to keep your floors looking great for many years. You’ll see fewer signs of daily wear such as scuffs, stains, and scratches when you have these materials in place. You will also have the added protection against water damage with materials that are 100% waterproof with a fully vinyl core. This is great for a variety of rooms, but can efficiently be utilized throughout your home for complete peace of mind.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Reno, NV from Carpet King Interiors

Choose us for your new LVP & LVT flooring

With a Fernley, NV showroom for your convenience, Carpet King Interiors services residents from Fernley, Fallon, Silver Springs, Sparks, and Reno, NV. When you visit us, our dedicated associates will make sure you are matched to the products that will best serve you and the needs of your household.

We have all the selection you need for the best options, served with a small-town feel that lets you know how much we care. Stop by today to find out how we can help create the flooring experience that you want and need. We look forward to your visit.